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Would you like to have your own personal computer guy that you can trust!

  • Is your PC Computer cluttered with Bugs, Viruses, Worms, Ads, etc...?
  • Do you have an older PC Computer that you want brought back to life?
  • Is your PC Computer feeling a little sluggish and surly?
  • Did you just buy a new PC Computer System & you want it to run right?

I've been building, repairing, and troubleshooting computers for over 24 years, so contact me and I'll put a big fat happy smile on your face.

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I've been building, repairing, and troubleshooting computers for over 24 years. I can repair, setup, configure anything that has to do with Computers or Internet problems you may have. I can help with web design, multimedia, graphics, 3d, digital sound, digital video, programming, you name it I have probably mastered it. I also repair most electronic items. Contact me if you need help.

In most cases you will have your new and improved computer system back to you before you have time to miss it. If you have any problems what so ever with your new system I will help you until you have a big fat happy smile on your face with no extra charge for the big fat happy smile.

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I write all my websites on Unix servers using the Perl programming language. My prices are not set in stone. I know people have varied needs, and my prices can be negotiated for specific functionality.

DESIGN SETUP PRICE: This is a one time price for a site that doesn't need updated.

DESIGN & MAINTENANCE PRICE: This is a discounted setup price for websites that need updates. This is the cheapest route, and I have found has helped in building a trust between me and you.

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